Astiva’s vision is to bridge the gap between senior patients and our physicians while providing a welcome and assuring care model for our members. Our intention is to create new robust networks and augment existing ones in the underserved, senior Asian communities as well as other diverse groups within Orange and San Diego counties regardless of their economic limitations. We will, with a culture of respect, benevolence and caring, provide a complete health plan solution for the senior Medicare including Medicare - Medi-Cal (Medi-Medi) population. We will also implement best in class technology innovation and connectivity to our providers enabling them to deliver tailored, high quality care and access to a range of services based for their patient’s individual needs and coverage for every stage of their life.

We will provide a community and social approach to health and prevention while assisting our seniors to live well in their chosen community environments. We are creating aligned goals with modernize approach and methodology for all our healthcare providers to assist in reaching these goals with respect to their health condition, culture and language. The team at Astiva has over 100 years of experience combined. We have dedicated most of our career to support and participate with individual healthcare providers ranging from staff model and independent practice associations to Medicare Advantage plans. With this vast experience, our purpose is to promote and provide a unique comprehensive healthcare solution for the underserved senior Medicare population. We are committed to provide superior care management to your patient population based on compassion and certitude.

Astiva Health is committed to you as a provider, and as such is willing to discuss innovative economic models, including full-risk arrangements. Astiva views healthcare as a relationship. We want to work with providers who share that same vision.

We appreciate your time and thank you for your collaboration and trust as we begin the journey of introducing a new managed health plan to your deserving population in 2021.

Tri Nguyen, M.D.
Chairman, Board of Directors

Frank Vo
President, CEO

Astiva is inspired from the phrase “to Love Life!”. We at Astiva Health are committed to assist our members to love life as well. We believe that health awareness is an essential key to living a good life. There are a numerous Medicare health plans and we appreciate your choice in partnering with Astiva to serve our community.

What defines Astiva Health above all other Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans in the market:

  • Best in Class innovative technology in claims system means lower administration costs for your practice or medical group timely payments of claims.
  • Tailored comprehensive benefit designs to meet the needs of your patients.
  • Culturally responsive approach to healthcare to better serve the community including bi-lingual customer service and printed materials.
  • Competitive and viable compensation packet for participated providers.
  • Participate and support with community and faith-based organizations to serve the community at health fairs and Medicare education event.

How will Astiva Health work with you for 2021

  • We would welcome all inputs and recommendations for bid preparation result in a successful 2021 Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP).
  • We will provide and participate in marketing effort directly to your provider offices either in person or through community events.
  • We will provide all necessary reports and tools to help you better manage members medical care in an effective manner.
  • Our customer services will ensure that they make three attempts to get your members in their provider offices within their first 90 days of enrollment for an Initial Heath Assessment (AHI).
  • We will assign a dependable and reliable Field Management Organization (FMO) and direct brokers to help your providers build their membership and enrollment.
  • Our website will be educational and easy to use for all visitors and offer provider with formulary look up while meeting all areas of compliance.
  • Marketing materials will be available prior to Medicare Annual Election Period and throughout the calendar year.

Together we will accomplish our goals while helping your providers build their practice and retain their members for many years to come.